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Information Security Department

NamePositionPhone Ext.

Dr. Shamsul Kamal bin Ahmad Khalid Head of Department 3661

Prof. Madya Dr. Hj. Sapiee bin Jamel Assoc. Professor 3752

Dr. Nurul Azma binti Abdullah Senior Lecturer 3711

Dr. Isredza Rahmi binti Abd.Hamid Senior Lecturer 3686

Dr. Kamaruddin Malik bin Mohamad Senior Lecturer 3750

Dr. Chuah Chai Wen Lecturer  3690

Dr. Cik Feresa binti Mohd. Foozy Lecturer 3656

Dr. P. Siva Shamala A/P Palaniappan Lecturer  3663

Dr. Nurul Hidayah binti Ab. Rahman Lecturer 3774

En. Khairul Amin bin Mohd. Sukri Lecturer 3747

En. Zubaile bin Abdullah Lecturer 3737

Dr. Sofia Najwa binti Ramli Lecturer 3787

Pn. Siti Fadzlun binti Md. Salleh Tutor (Study Leave) 3753

Pn. Nordiana binti Rahim Tutor (Study Leave) 3748

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