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Multimedia Department


NamePositionPhone Ext.

Dr. Norhanifah binti Murli Head of Department 3662

Prof. Madya Dr. Noorhaniza binti Hj. Wahid Assoc. Professor 3682

Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Hj. Mohd. Farhan bin Md. Fudzee Assoc. Professor 3686

Dr. Norhalina binti Senan Senior Lecturer 3652

Dr. Rahayu binti A. Hamid Senior Lecturer 3783

En. Azizan bin Ismail Lecturer 3687

En. Muhammad Fakri bin Othman Lecturer 3791

Pn. Suriawati binti Suparjoh Lecturer(Study Leave) 3684

Pn. Che Samihah binti Che Dalim Tutor (Study Leave) 3790

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