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Software Engineering Department

NamePositionPhone Ext.

Dr. Hj. Mohd. Zainuri bin Saringat Head of Department 3660

Profesor Dr. Hj. Mustafa bin Mat Deris Professor 3723

Prof. Dr. Hjh. Rosziati binti Ibrahim Profesor 3601

Prof. Madya Dr. Hj. Mohd. Najib bin Mohd. Salleh Assoc. Professor 3754

Prof. Madya Dr. Hjh. Rozaida binti Ghazali Assoc. Professor 3767

Prof. Madya Dr. Aida binti Mustapha Assoc. Professor 3785

 Dr. Noraini binti Ibrahim  Senior Lecturer 3770

 Dr. Nureize binti Arbaiy  Senior Lecturer 3726

 Dr. Muhaini binti Othman  Senior Lecturer 3712

 Dr. Yana Mazwin binti Mohmad Hassim  Senior Lecturer 3722

 Dr. Noor Azah binti Samsudin  Senior Lecturer 3766

Dr. Mohamad Firdaus bin Ab. Aziz Lecturer 3667

Dr. Mohd Amin bin Mohd Yunus Lecturer 3732

Dr. Radiah binti Mohamad Lecturer 3788

Pn. Ruhaya binti Ab. Aziz Lecturer 3765

Pn. Norhanim binti Selamat Lecturer (Study Leave) 3768

Pn. Rozlini binti Mohamed Lecturer 3771

Hj. Mohd. Zaki bin Mohd. Salikon Lecturer 3648

Pn. Zehan Afizah binti Afip @ Afif Lecturer 3707

Pn. Hannani binti Aman Lecturer 3710

Pn. Munirah binti Mohd Yusof Lecturer 3769

Pn. Norlida binti Hassan Lecturer 3721

Dr. Adila Firdaus binti Arbain Lecturer 3709

Dr. Salama A. Mostofa Post Doctoral 3786

Pn. Suhaila binti Mohd. Yasin Tutor (Study Leave) 3758

 Pn. Hazwani binti Rahmat Tutor (Study Leave) 3759

 En. Nur Ariffin bin Mohd. Zin Tutor (Study Leave) 3755

En. Mohd. Zanes bin Sahid Tutor (Study Leave) 3764

En. Mohd. Hamdi Irwan bin Hamzah Tutor (Study Leave) 3757

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