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Bachelor of Computer Sciences (Software Engineering) With Honours

JPT(A)1000/011/001/01 Jld 6 (40)

The objective of the education program:

1. Apply basic knowledge, principles and skills in the field of Computer Science to meet the job specification.

2. Implement the responsibility for solving problems analytically, critically, effective, innovative and market-oriented.

3. Acts effectively as an individual or in a group to convey information within the organization and community.

4. Practicing good values and ethics in a professional manner in the community and able to act as a leader.

The program is designed to produce graduates who:

1. Applying knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles and theories in the field of Computer Science Software Engineering.

2. Implementing Software Engineering knowledge in analyzing, modeling, designing, developing and evaluating effective computing solutions.

3. Communicate in spoken and written form in order to convey information, problems and solutions to the problems effectively.

4. Analyze the appropriate techniques in the field of Software Engineering to solve problems using analytical skills and critical thinking.

5. Demonstrate teamwork skills, interpersonal and social effectively and confidently.

6. Using the skills and principles of lifelong learning in academic and career development.

7. Fostering entrepreneurship in career development.

8. Adopt values, attitudes and responsibilities in a professional manner dariaspeksosial, ethics and humanity.

9. Effectively carry out the responsibilities of leadership.



Career Prospects :

Graduate from this programme may pursue a wide range of careers such as Software Engineers, Information System Engineers, Information System Officers, System Designers, System Developers, IT Project Manager, Programmer, Software Tester, Academician, Software Architect, System Analyst, Test Engineer.

Compulsory Subjects:

  1. English for Academic Purposes
  2. Professional Ethics
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Technical Writing
  5. Nationhood and Malaysia Recent Development
  6. Ethnic Relationship
  7. Islamic and South East Asia Civilisation
  8. Co-curriculum 2
  9. Co-curriculum 1
  10. Algebra
  11. Discrete Structure
  12. Data Structure
  13. Algorithm and Programming
  14. Computer Architecture
  15. Software Engineering Principles
  16. Operating System
  17. Computing Skills
  18. Database
  19. Software Process
  20. Analysis and System Design
  21. Islamic / Moral Studies
  22. Algorithm and Complexity
  23. Statistics
  24. Entrepreneurship
  25. Computer Network
  26. Foreign Language
  27. Web Development
  28. Creativity and Innovation
  29. Requirement and Modelling Analysis
  30. Degree Project 1
  31. Human Computer Interaction
  32. Visual Programming
  33. Object Oriented Programming
  34. Software Project Management
  35. Industrial Training
  36. Degree Project 2
  37. Software Quality Assurance

Elective Subjects (Choose 4):

  1. Real Time System Application
  2. Software Engineering Security
  3. Formal Method
  4. DotNet Programming
  5. Software Engineering Special Topics
  6. Distributed System

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