Objective of the program Master Of Science Computer (Software Enginering): 

1.Contribute to the development of knowledge through research, consulting, writing and publishing quality;

2.Solve the problems of computing an analytical, critical, effective, innovative and sustainable market-oriented approach;

3.Acts effectively as an individual or in a group to disseminate information within organizations and communities;

4.Practicing good values and ethics in a professional manner in the community and able to act as a leader.

The program is designed to produce graduates who:

1.Use and relate the knowledge of current research issues in computing and producing work that contributes to the development in the domain of education;

2.Develop computing solutions using the principles of software engineering;

3.Assessing and analyzing computing solutions related to usability, efficiency, and effectiveness;

4.Using existing research and work to obtain, interpret, and improve knowledge in computing;

5.Work and play well in the working group;

6.Prepare and present technical papers on a variety of audiences;

7.Shows a manner consistent with the code of professional ethics and accountability and;

8.Entrepreneurial practices in research; and

9.Demonstrate leadership in group activities conducted.

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