Master of Computer Science (Information Security)

Master of Computer Science (Information Security)

  1. Contribute to the development of knowledge through research, writing and publishing quality;
  2. Solve the problems of computing an analytical, critical, effective, innovative and sustainable market-oriented approach;
  3. Acts effectively as an individual or in a group to disseminate information within organizations and communities;
  4. Practicing good values and ethics in a professional manner in the community and able to act as a leader.

Curiculum Summary

Year 1st Semester (14 weeks)  Credits
1 Research Methodology 3
Algorthm Design and Analysis 3
Information Security Management 3
Cyber Security Assesment and Penetration Testing 3
Elective 1 3
2nd Semester (8 weeks) 3
Elective 2 3
Dissertation 1 3
3rd Semester 3
Dissertation 2 19
 Total credits  40


List of Electives:

  1. Advanced Network Security
  2. Digital Forensic 
  3. Database Security
  4. Applied Cryptography and Security Protocols 
  5. Cyber Incident Response 
  6. Secure Coding 
  7. Digital Forensics and Cyber Laws
  8. Seminar in Cyber Security

The program is offered for February intake only. Currently there is no September intake yet. To apply please click here .

For other information including fees, rules and regulation and others about postgraduate studies visit the Center of Postgraduate Studies

The program is designed to produce graduates who:

  1. Use and relate the knowledge of current research issues in computing and producing work that contributes to the development in the domain of education;
  2. Develop computing solutions and using proper equipment to analyze the effectiveness and performance;
  3. Assessing and analyzing computing solutions related to usability, efficiency, and effectiveness;
  4. Using existing research and work to obtain, interpret, and improve knowledge in computing;
  5. Work and play well in the working group;
  6. Extending technical papers to various audiences;
  7. Shows a manner consistent with the code of professional ethics and accountability and;
  8. Entrepreneurial practices in research; and
  9. Demonstrate leadership in research projects conducted.





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