Bachelor of Computer Science (Web Technology) With Honours

The technology of the World Wide Web is fast expanding and therefore, the career prospect for a well-trained graduate in this technology is in demand. With a Bachelor of Computer Science in Web Technology offered by this department, the student may pursue various professional web careers such as Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Producer, Web Consultant, Server Programmer and many other Web or Computer Science related jobs. These jobs are said to be the fastest growing occupation in the next decade. 

In this program, our students are offered a wide range of Computer Science courses consisting of the general Computer Science courses with some additional majoring and also electives courses focusing more on the World Wide Web technology. The majoring and elective courses include:

Majoring Courses:

  • Asas Teknologi Web
  • Aplikasi Web
  • Reka Bentuk Web
  • Teknologi Servis Web
  • Pengurusan Projek Web
  • Keselamatan Web
  • Pengaturcaraan DotNet
  • Web Semantik


  • Sistem Pengurusan Kandungan
  • Pangkalan Data Teragih
  • Sistem Maklumat Geografik
  • Pengkomputeran Terbuka
  • Pengkomputeran Pervasif
  • Topik-topik Khas Teknologi Web

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