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Prof. Dr Nazri Mohd Nawi


The Soft Computing and Data Mining Centre (SMC) is one of the research centres (COR) in Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) that was officially established on 29 March 2016 which conducts research into some real applications for machine learning and data mining technology by expressing it in a clear and comprehensible format useful information extracted from large-scale data.With the rapid spread of ubiquitous environments in recent years, there has been an information explosion in large-scale data that includes, robotics, industries and among many others, social network, web logs, sensor data and daily transaction data.

   On a daily basis, both within companies and in the public sphere, this data is piling up with growing momentum. In order to strategically use and optimise these large-scale data to express information useful in a business context, it is crucial to conduct interdisciplinary research that organically fuses science with the humanities. Such a fusion will bring together scientific factors for the analysis of large data, including programming, analysis capabilities and statistical mathematics, as well as social scientific factors, including psychological insight,comprehension and literary reasoning ability, that permit analysis of the behaviour patterns.

International Conference on Soft Computing and Data Mining 2022


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Our objective at the Soft Computing and Data Mining Centre (SMC) is to conduct a research on improving and creating an environment that comprehensively and seamlessly links several research processes - development of fundamental techniques and applications for machine learning and data mining, therefore, in order to achieve this goal, we will aim and welcome our partners through international collaborative research with other, organisations, universities, industries locally or globally to create a world-class research hub for Machine learning and data mining applications in the different field.

Research Focus

The nearly limitless quantity of available data, affordable data storage, and the growth of less expensive and more powerful processing has propelled the growth of machine learning. Now many industries are developing more robust machine learning models capable of analyzing bigger and more complex data while delivering faster, more accurate results on vast scales. Machine learning tools enable organizations to more quickly identify profitable opportunities and potential risks. Machine learning models learn, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal intervention from humans. Ideally, machines increase accuracy and efficiency and remove (or greatly reduce) the possibility of human error SMC research focus more on computer algorithms in machine learning that adapt to new data independently and make decisions and recommendations based on thousands of calculations and analyses without being explicitly programmed to do so.




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Researchers Profile

Prof. Dr. Nazri Mohd Nawi - Head of Center
Prof. Dr. Rozaida Ghazali - Principal Investigator
Prof. Dr. Abd Samad Hasan Basari - Principal Investigator
Assoc. Prof. Dr Noor Azah Samsudin - Principal Investigator
Dr Nureize Arbaiy - Principal Investigator
Dr Syed Muhammad Zubair - Principal Investigator




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