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fsktm33Information on the location of Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) and also the FSKTM. What are the specialitist in town. Accomodation that are available and also the favourite cuisine in town. Campus Location. Uthm Google maps


Information on admission to UTHM. UTHM offers variety of academic programs ranging from Diploma programs, 1st Degree programs, Master Degree programs and Doctor of Philisophy programs. Apply Undergraduate Programme , Apply Postgraduate Programme , For International student ApplicationHelpdesk

FAQ on Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. Click FAQ Here



Bertepatan dengan falsafah pendidikan universiti, UTHM sentiasa memastikan kuantiti dan kualiti bidang-bidang yang ditawarkan adalah menepati permintaan pasaran kerja semasa melalui program akademik yang berorientasikan pasaran dan berfokuskan pelajar menerusi pembelajaran-melalui-pengalaman.

Justeru itu kepelbagaian program telah diwujudkan samada secara sepenuh masa, separuh masa,  pendidikan jarak jauh dan juga yang terbaru menerusi program pesisir.

Selain itu universiti juga ada menawarkan program-program dan kursus-kursus jangka pendek/panjang untuk kakitangan profesional samada kerajaan atau swasta, individu perseorangan atau syarikat korporat. Click Here Prospective Students




Studentcommunityportal provides information about students activities, announcement, news, students email and online applications such as SMAP Online, Author and so on. Please visit


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