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Master of Information Technology

Master of Information Technology – KIT

Objective of the program Master of Information Technology:

1. Contribute to the development of knowledge through research, consulting, writing and publishing quality

2. Communicate effectively and demonstrate outstanding leadership in an organization

3. Solve the problems of computing an innovative, creative and ethical approach to sustainable

The program is designed to produce graduates who:

1. Use and relate the knowledge of current research issues in computing and producing work that contributes to the development in the domain of study.

2. Developing information technology solutions and using the appropriate equipment to analyze its performance.

3. Assessing and analyzing computing solutions related to usability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

4. Using existing research and work to obtain, interpret, and improve knowledge in computing.

5. Work and play well in the working group.

6. Prepare and present technical papers on a variety of audiences.

7. Shows a manner consistent with the code of professional and ethical as well as accountability.

8. Mempraktis entrepreneurial practices in research.

9. Demonstrate leadership in group activities conducted.